Photo bus adventures


Naxos town – Saint John – Apeiranthos

Islanders!!!! Do you crave for an architectural paradise? A journey to the past? Lets go!!!

First photographic destination…one of the few restored and operating windmills in Cyclades, the Saint John’s.

«When it blows, the antennas, the axis turn
And this, in its pulleys, gives movement
And the wheat from the coffin falls slowly through the millstone
And it crushes the fruit to get it out
As flour cleans without peeling»

(poem by Mr. Mikroudogiannis)

Considered the crown jewel of Naxos, due to its impressive architecture with stone paved alleys, stone

towers and old houses and churches, Apeiranthos!!!! We’ll take a walk to the past…today!!! We will see

this place in an optic that you’ll miss if you visit it alone!!!

We cannot describe the feeling! Hopefully your cameras will capture the beauty and its history!!!

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