Photobus Avdentures

let's pick a click for your camera

Erato Course
"erato" photo tour

Naxos Chora
It's about time to discover Naxos Chora's hidden treasures!!

Calliope course
"Calliope" Photo tour

Naxos town – Saint John – Apeiranthos
Do you crave for an architectural paradise?

Euterpe Course
"Euterpe" photo tour

Naxos town – Ayia – Abram
This is a chance to create your own fairytail!

Clio course
"Clio" photo tour

Naxos town – Damalas – Damarionas – Panagia Drosiani – Filoti
Do you want to feel like a Naxian villager of the past for a day?

Polymnia course
"Polymnia" photo tour

Naxos town – Panagia Kaloritsa – Panagia Spiliotissa – Oldest OliveTree
A spiritual journey combined with nature's tails!

Melpomene course
"Melpomene" photo tour

Naxos town – Kourounochori – Kinidaros – Keramoti – Emery mines – Lionas
Think out of the box and join a quite different course!

Urania course
"urania" photo tour

Sunset in Naxos
Are you feeling romantic?

Thalia course
"Thalia" photo tour

Naxos town – Temple of Dimitra – Chalki – Agioi Apostoloi – Ano Potamia
A blessed photographic adventure filled with honor and respect to nature's beauty!

Terpsichore course
"Terpsichore" photo tour

Naxos town – Keramoti – Koronos – Koronida
Set your lenses to meet mountainous Naxos!

Muses course
"Muses" photo tour

From Naxos any where your heart, soul and eyes desire!

Why photobus Adventures

Our team leaders take the time to meet every Islander  individually and create a bond that will lead to a lifetime friendship!

During our photographic adventure we will immerse to a beautiful companionship and enjoy each others’ company!

 A record of our unique experience and time together is created  by taking photos and videos with our cameras’ s (Van camera, Dslr camera, 360 camera) so yo can enjoy the journey to its fullest.

And you can always return and try the rest of our scheduled tours!

What You Get

Once an Islander, always an Islander!!!

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