the islanders project

our concept

Experience the most wonderful and non-tourist side of our Aegean islands together with our unique photographic courses.

Based on Naxos Island, we are organising daily tours together with our photography courses on Naxos, Tinos and Paros island.

Naxos is a hidden gem on the Aegean sea and a live monument of cycladic architecture. Features lovely villages, natural beauties and a great taste of greek tradition and culture.

Experience the natural springs and watermills, discover local distilleries and local sheds, create your own clays, taste the local food and be a part of the Greek culture.

On our photo courses, we are going to help you understand the basics of lightning and how your should use your camera in order to produce astonishing pictures.

Be an islander once and get a lifetime lasting experience!


Lifetime Experiences

Our team leaders take time in order to evaluate each attendant individually and create a bunch that share common things and likes.

We guarantee that during our tour you will immerse to our company and you will be a part of our cozy attitude.

During our tour we keep a record on our unique experience moments and we shoot photos and videos with our camera’s (Van camera, Dslr camera, 360 camera), which you will get as a gift to remember your time as an Islander.

Of course you can always return and try the rest of our scheduled tours!

What's included

Depending on the sceduled tour we offer:

Team leaders




 There is certainly no better place for a photographer than Naxos: fantastic landscapes, wonderful natural light. Photography holidays in Naxos are getting so popular over the last years, just because Naxos has the whole package! A walk around a town or traditional villages will get you to thousands of photo themes that move every photographer. After 40 years of experience as a photographer I decided to share my knowledge and introduce you to the creative paths of light and shadow.



I am travelling to the Greek Island over the last decades. Naxos was the first Cycladic island I visit for vacation and since then each time I return it feels to me like home. Features an adorable history which passes through the years and coexists with the adorable Cycladic architecture. Lovely villages, picteresque alleys, stone made mansions, impressive monasteries and colorful nature beauties will give you a lifetime click to remember and immerse yourself to the Greek tradition and culture. I am going to guide you through this fabulous journey and share my photographic knowledge with you.
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