Photo bus adventures


Naxos town – Keramoti – Koronos – Koronida

No time to waste!!!!
Islanders…. Let’s go!!!!

Heading for the centre of Naxos Island, to Keramoti, abeautiful traditional village. It is surrounded by lots of greenery and high mountains because it is built deep amid a nature-rich ravine with absolutely charming small stone houses and narrow picturesque alleys. In the village square or platsa (local argo), stands the village’s old olive mill.

Continuing our photographic journey of beautiful mountain villages and natural scenery, we visit Koronos, where we’ll walk in one of the oldest settlements in northeastern Naxos. A quaint mountainous village, in a dramatic setting, on the slopes of a ravine with two distinct halves that face each other. Its magnificent view but also the whitewashed courtyards and beautiful houses that have retained the traditional architecture, the innumerable flights of stairs and picturesque alleyways that connect the seven neighborhoods compose a breathtaking picture…..what a  photographic album you’ll create!!!

Koronida, (or Komiaki), here we come!!! The region is one of the richest in history and culture and one of the most interesting natural areas in the Cyclades. Is built in amphitheatric fashion and is surrounded by orchards and grapevines and there recently was found a Mycenaean domed tomb.

We cannot leave without making a stop at Katsoulis Kafeneion!!!

“Whoever comes to Komiaki and leaves without getting drunk is like entering a church without praying “


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