Photo bus adventures


Naxos town – Kourounochori – Kinidaros – Stavros Keramotis – Emery mines – Lionas

And our beautiful and full of natural scenery journey begins!!!

We board the Islanders van from Naxos town headed to Kourounochori, one of the most beautiful villages in Naxos, ‘’The Flower Village’’, with flower filled courtyards, blooming gardens, rivers and little waterfalls. Then we approach our first destination and photographic scene, Naxos’s ‘’Sleeping Prince’’, The Kouros of Melanes, a marble sculpture of an oversized young man, dated back to 7th century BC.

Next stop, 400m above sea level, with a piratical past but also a vibrant musical and dancing tradition, characterized since 1988 as a traditional settlement, the Kinidaros village. Our photographic lenses will capture the lush surroundings and marble mines.

On our way to the Emery Mines, we will make a stop the church Stavros Keramotis for a unique photographic experience with a view to Donousa island. What a landscape!

The journey continuous to the last photo shooting destination, the Emery Mines and a tour into the depths of Srarantara Stoa guided by one of the last emery workers.

And our beautiful time together ends in a not so known beach, the only pebble beach in Naxos, the Liona beach, where we will lunch in a traditional tavern the “Delfinaki” and learn more about the island by local emery workers.


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