Photo bus adventures


Naxos town – Ayia – Abram

Islanders, have your gear set!!!

That photographic journey begins by visiting the Tower of Ayia, a tower that over-watches the Aegean Sea, and its remains are literally taken over by nature. You wont leave your camera down, trying to capture the angles of the tower, meeting the blue blue sky and sea!

We need some exercise… we’ll walk a little further, to visit the abandoned Monastery of Ayia, built on an idyllic site, which is dedicated to the Holy Mary. You won’t want to leave!!!!

Leaving that beautiful site, we’ll drive to another idyllic location….to “Petrino” a restaurant set amidst a lush tree garden overlooking the Aegean Sea. A great spot for you to photograph the landscape and altogether we’ll become a beautiful companionship over launch!

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