Photo bus adventures


Chora of Naxos

Naxos!!!! The whole world in an Island!!!

Islanders, get ready for an exquisite photo course!

Chora’s story spreads deep in time, intertwined between mythical beings, legends and heroes, and also history: Mycenaean era, Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman rule. The many monuments of Chora speak of its glorious past, with the most characteristic “Portara”, the imposing propylon of the temple of Apollo of the 6th century BC.

An image of the past of Chora is given by the archeological site of the Mycenaean city in Grotta, a large part of which is located in the sea, but also below the built northern part of the current city. However, the medieval pages of the history of Chora are also rich, as they are imprinted in the city and its neighborhoods, from the Castle to Burgos.

In a few parts of Greece one can go back in time and feel what a medieval city was like in all its architectural structure and detail.

Beyond the pieces of the past, there is also the modern side of Chora, which pulsates with life all seasons of the year.

Together, we will discover Naxos Chora’s hidden treasures!!!!

Have your camera ready to capture them in a click!!!

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